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About Us
Company Profile

Cathay Machinery Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1995, purely as agency representative office for the regional distribution of automotive, marine and industrial parts for the replacement market. It has diversified out into trading, regional warehousing and distribution.

Since its inception, the company has successful expanding by securing more products line for distribution in its territorial rights. The comprehensive network of distribution is further enhanced. The expansion role is further enhanced with securing of exclusive distribution right in its territory.



The business philosophy and mission.
  1. To provide specialist value-added service in its traditional area of strength with products it knows best.
  2. To continuously seeking new market and strengthening its existing products.
  3. To seek out innovative business partners for long term, strengthening healthy and mutual advantage relationship with them.
  4. To shorten distribution time and provide good customer service, so as to shorten the turnaround time.
  5. To become the international player in manufacturing, importing, exporting automotive parts, industrial, marine and hardware products.
  6. To explore new manufacturing opportunities, new product agency lines, comprehensive customers networking, regional centralised warehousing distribution and new export market.

Our Products


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