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Our Agency Products


Masada Hydraulic Jack

Air and hydraulic Bottle Jack for logging, marine, industrial and automotive uses. Air and hydraulic service jack, mini hydraulic jack, forklift jack, transmission jack, hydraulic press, hydraulic toe jack and space roller. Applications Tonnage: 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons and 100 tons.


Distributor and agent for Autosol metal polish for Singapore. Other Autosol products include gold and silver polish, plastic cleaner, shine metal polish, metal polish liquid, stainless steel cleaner, stainless steel polish, aluminium cleaner, aluminium polish, automotive windscreen cleaner, penetrant and lubricant, rust remover, wheel cleaner, motor bike polish and wax and car shampoo.

Tridon Clamp and Wiper Blades

Micro clamps, 1/2" band width clamps, 9/16" band width clamps, quick release clamps and all 316 stainless steel clamps, such as MH (325), MAH (350), HS (611), HAS (620), CC (600), LSS (550) and SS (665). A full range of Tridon wiper blades range from 11" to 26".

Ideal Clamp

Clamps for automotive, hardware, industrial, marine, M.R.O., O.E.M., and plumbing applications such as full size 9/16" band width, worm drive clamps; Ideal 50 series, Ideal 63 series, Ideal 67-1, Ideal 67-5. Lined clamps such as Ideal 53 series, Ideal 65E series and Ideal 67M series. High marine grade stainless steel clamps. Ideal turn-key clamp with coloured tap; red, yellow and blue.

Penray, Super-X and Jetgo

Automotive car care products such as radiator coolants, radiator flush, fuel injector cleaner, carburettor cleaner, octane and gas treatment, valve cleaner, oil treatment. Transmission and steering sealer, silicone spray, engine cleaner and degreaser, rubberized undercoat, lubricant and penetrant, brake cleaner, white lithium grease, red grease, belt dressing, motor or engine flush, open gear lube, chain lube, electrical motor cleaner, engine oil stop leak, hydraulic jack oil, tire inflator, smoke no more treatment and starting fluid.


Gasket sealant type 1 and 2, gasket shellac type 5, clear, white, blue and black silicon, high temperature red silicone, quick set epoxy clear type 43, quick set steel epoxy type 44 and heavy duty steel weld type 45, anaerobics thread lock, threadlock formula type 245 blue and stuf and bearing formula type 275 red.

AC Delco

Fully synthetic and semi synthetic oil, mineral oil, gear oil, brake fluid DOT 3 and 4, motorcycle 2T and automatic transmission fluid (Dextron III)

Dayco Belts

TIming belts, coolant hose, V-ribbed belts (PK), fan V-belts and tensioners for light and heavy duty automotive applications, major OEM's brand for automotive and heavy duty, fleet products.


Moly EP grease, high temperature wheel bearing grease, white lithium grease, multi-purpose grease and CV joint grease.


Chain block, level block, plain trolley, gear trolley, vertical lifter, beam clamp, drum lifter, electric chain hoist, rope hoist, motorized trolley, mini winch, electric winch and groove winch.

KBC Bearings

Ball, roller and taper bearing designed for OEM Korean cars.


Light automotive and heavy duty applications gasket, leading OEM brand and farming tractor gasket.

Osaka Journal Jack

Heavy duty gear jack for automotive OEM, industrial and automotive applications


Hydraulic equipments, hydraulic cylinders, lifting products and system, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic power units and hydraulic high force tools.


Kenter shackles, hook & master link, lifting clamps, chain blocks, lever hoists, wire rope puller and webbing slings.

Pencool 2000

Cooling system treatment with corrosion inhibitor. Ideal for marine, industrial and heavy duty automotive applications.

Plews and Edelmann

Air line accessories, whip hose, grease guns, oilers, barrel pumps, filter wrenches, spark plug wrenches, lift drains, lubricants, ultra lube multi-purpose grease and rotary pump.


Professional hand tools from Germany, for OEM's, automotive, industrial and marine.

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